BPS firmly believes that outstanding teachers are the single most important resource in providing our pupils with the best possible education. Academic excellence is at the heart of our school. We are proud of our high teacher to pupil ratio facilitated by a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced staff. As pupils progress through the school, the use of specialist subject teaching is increased and formal setting in maths and English is introduced. This provides a strong framework for when the girls move on to senior school. We are passionate about creating an environment where both staff and pupils can learn and work to their full potential.

Staff List

Administration Staff

Mrs G Vasey, Head’s PA
Mrs K Sharkey, School Secretary/Admissions
Mr G Nelson, Management Accountant

Prep Teaching Staff

Miss E Adams, Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)/Teacher of English
Mrs M Chapman, Head of Art/Learning Support Junior English
Miss D Cross, History Coordinator/Teacher
Mrs H Dyson, Teacher of English
Mr P Horridge, Head of Science
Mrs L Howard, Head of Mathematics
Mrs S McCallum, Teacher of Mathematics/Maths Leadership
Mrs M Webb, Teacher of English/Reasoning

Pre-Prep Teaching Staff

Mrs E Cayzer, Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J Hill, Year 2 Teacher

Miss H George, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs S Jackson, Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J Polson, Reception Teacher

Mrs K Statham, Reception Teacher

Mrs C Wilshaw, Reception Teacher

Mrs K Winstanley, Reception Teacher

Mrs E Wood, Year 2 Teacher

Kindergarten Teaching Staff

Mrs E Hagan, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs L Smith, Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs R Ward, Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Specialist Teaching Staff

Mrs L Baxter, Sport Leadership/PE
Miss A Brewer, PE/K1 Lead Teacher
Mrs R Clarke, Head of Visual & Performing Arts
Mrs H Lloyd-Wilson, Drama
Mrs N Waters, Geography Leadership/Science

Learning Support

Miss K Asher, Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss L Burgess, Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mr D Eastwood, Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Glendon, Learning Support Prep Mathematics Teacher

Mrs A Langley, Learning Support

Mrs D Latter, Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Lewis , Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Ttikkirou, Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Youngs, Learning Support

Support Staff

Ms H Chan, Play Leader
Ms L Cheney, Out of School Care Manager
Ms Y L Cheng, Play Leader
Mrs J Ferguson, Play Leader
Mrs S M Hughes, Play Leader
Miss L Jiang, Play Leader
Ms E Kelly, Play Leader
Mr S Kelly, ICT Technician
Mrs M Noble, Go Explore
Mrs H Odiowei, Out of School Care Manager
Mrs A Wickramanayake, Play Leader
Mrs T Wijetunge

Peripatetic Staff

Mrs A Benthall, Piano
Mr G Bowie, Guitar/Drums
Mrs V Chasey, Violin
Mr C Gandee, Brass
Mrs H Horridge, LAMDA
Ms L Marshall, Woodwind
Mrs S Rogers, Piano/Voice

Catering Staff

Mrs L Abbey, Catering Manager
Mrs L Holmes, Catering Assistant
Miss M Nassari, Catering Assistant

Maintenance and Grounds Staff

Mr N Smith, Site Manager
Mr M Worswick, Caretaker

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